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About OREO

The favorite
for 100 years

The first Oreo cookie was introduced to the world in Nueva York more than 100 years ago

Year 1912

It was developed and produced by The National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) at its Chelsea factory in New York City. New York City..

Year 2021

109 years later, the most beloved beloved by all, is a global icon and is enjoyed in more than 100 countries.

But, what happened
in all that time?

We rotate, savor
and soaked. That happened.

We connect people around the world with our ritual our ritual and our Playful spirit, even before the internet existed internet, because joy and fun and fun have always been in our DNA. always been in our DNA.

And so, we were present
in the life of people,
families, culture.

.Until webecame
an icon.
.into an icon.

But the story does not end
there, there is still much
to be written,
because at Oreo
to be written, because at Oreo
we believe there is always
room to keep playing
and keep growing.